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Miss Tammin
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Tammin Chat

Her transcript...

Chat Month – Tammin Sursok

Home and Away: Hi! Welcome to the Home and Away chatroom.
Tammin Sursok: Hi everyone! Come and talk to me, ’cause I'm ready to answer your questions!

Home and Away:
Tonight's first question comes from MM: How is the relationship between Will and Dani going to change? Does this news spell the end of a beautiful romance?
Tammin Sursok: In a couple of weeks’ time when Will comes back, Dani says they'll try and sort it out. They're trying to sort things out. But I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Home and Away: Kats asks: What was it like attending the Logies and actually winning one?
Tammin Sursok: I don't even remember what I felt. Because I was in complete and utter shock! Up until a year ago, I didn't think I would be there. So out of 18 years of my life, it was the best night of my life.

Home and Away: Erin asks: What is Dani currently thinking?
Tammin Sursok: I think she's so angry and upset. She hates Gypsy at the moment. She can't look at her because she's stolen the love of her life. She wants to hate Will, but she can't because she loves him.

Home and Away: chris_egans_gal asks: What's it like playing Dani Sutherland?
Tammin Sursok: I think it's a lot of fun. She's a feisty character. Because of that I get to play lots of ups and downs. I get to play lots of different levels. She's one of the most fun characters I've ever had to play.

Home and Away:
Tully asks: Dani and Gypsy aren't the best of friends, what is Dani now thinking?
Tammin Sursok: I don't think Gypsy and Dani will ever be friends. Gypsy did the ultimate betrayal. So now Dani's thinking I've tried to give you peace, but now that you've overstepped the line, I can't do that.

Home and Away: Sara asks: Do you have any pets?
Tammin Sursok: I have two dogs. One's called Smudge, one's called Honey. Smudge is a schitzu crossed with a Maltese. And Honey's a Maltese crossed with an Australian terrier.

Home and Away: Clarinda asks: What's it like acting with Christie and Kate?
Tammin Sursok: They're so beautiful! I love them so much. They're like my sisters. I feel like the older sister. And feel I should give them advice now and then. Kate and Christie are so much like sisters themselves. They're great.

Home and Away: tammsfan says: I am your biggest fan. What have you been doing lately?
Tammin Sursok: 5am starts in the morning! I'm doing a lot of hours on Home and Away. But every now and then I'm going to premieres and things like that. But at the moment I'm mainly doing Home and Away.

Home and Away: Sophie says: You're a great actress and I'm sure you'll be world famous one day. Where do you want to go after Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: I'd love to go to America before I'm 21. I don't think Home and Away's shown over there, so that whole new movie career would be good. But I wouldn't mind doing more TV shows. But my ultimate dream is to go over to America and break into movies. That's definitely my ultimate dream!

Home and Away: Everyone is asking: Do you have a boyfriend?
Tammin Sursok: Yes I do have a boyfriend! And that's all I can possibly say. :)

Home and Away: Rachel asks: How far ahead are you with filming the episodes?
Tammin Sursok: About three months ahead. But because of the holiday break we're only about two months ahead.

Home and Away: dman asks: Are you anything like your character?
Tammin Sursok: I mean, she's a teenage girl and I'm a teenage girl. But I think I have less of a quick tongue than Dani. I'm more laid-back than Dani. However, I'll say what I think if it's right.

Home and Away: Sup asks: How long have you been acting?
Tammin Sursok: Since I was about five. For eight years I studied the method of acting. I also did some theatre here and there.

Home and Away: Sally asks: What is the best part about being on the show?
Tammin Sursok: I think having so much fun. My day is filled with something new. I also love the people I work with, so knowing your day is going to be fun is great.

Home and Away: Sara asks: How did you get your break in TV?
Tammin Sursok: I was with an agency. It was like a modelling agency, which I wasn't really into. I only did modelling for a bit of extra money. I always wanted to act. But I ended up getting the role with them. I'm now with an acting agency so it all panned out for the best.

Home and Away: Joey asks: What would you be doing if you weren't on the show?
Tammin Sursok: Probably law. Or singing, or dancing or theatre.

Home and Away: chris_egans_gal asks: What has been your most memorable moment on Home and Away so far?
Tammin Sursok: I think probably walking in on my first day. There were all these people I'd seen before on TV. And there was Alf giving me a high five and that sort of stuff. It was just an amazing day.

Home and Away: Everyone has been asking if you plan to start a singing career?
Tammin Sursok: Yes I do. But not right now. So you guys had better buy it when it comes out! :)

Home and Away: Trish asks: What are your hobbies?
Tammin Sursok: I love singing and dancing and going to theatre productions and movies. And sleep right now is a big hobby of mine.

Home and Away: jk asks: How has your life changed since being on the show?
Tammin Sursok: I think everywhere I go I'm now 'that girl on Home and Away'. There's no place I go now where nobody recognises me. You're not anonymous anymore. But that's cool.

Home and Away: Jodie asks: Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Tammin Sursok: I have one brother who's 22. And a half-sister who's 28.

Home and Away: Hey asks: I really want to get into acting. How would you suggest I start?
Tammin Sursok: Definitely get an agent! That's so they work for you and get auditions. But once with an agency go to some classes or lessons or work groups or things like that. And then you'll know what to do when you go to your auditions. And then you might get a part.

Home and Away: Karen asks: How do I get an agent?
Tammin Sursok: You have to look in the Yellow Pages. Look for the best ones by the way they present themselves in the Yellow Pages, then send in a letter and a photo and do that for a couple. They might ask you to come in and do an audition for the agency. I was lucky in that my agent came to me.

Home and Away: Clarinda asks: Was it a shock when you read in the script that you and Will were going to break up?
Tammin Sursok: How do you know that we're going to break up? ;) You'll just have to watch the show to find out.

Home and Away: Everyone has been asking this question: How long do you plan to stay on the show?
Tammin Sursok: My contract's for three and a half years. A year and a half is almost up. I might stay longer. But it's for three and a half years, yeah ...

Home and Away: mickmaq asks: Who is the funniest person on Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: The guy who plays Alf (Ray Meagher). He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Home and Away: kim_chick asks: How old are you and when is your birthday?
Tammin Sursok: I'm 18 and my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, on the 19th of August.

Home and Away: Joey says: You did a great job in those scenes when Dani found out Will is the father of the baby. Did you find those scenes difficult?
Tammin Sursok: Actually, I was really angry at myself in the scene at the drop-in centre. Because I really wanted to cry and at the time I felt I was crying but my eyes weren't doing it. I felt upset but I have no idea why the tears weren't coming out. Because I put so much pressure on myself I felt a little deflated but I'm glad people thought I did ok. :)

Home and Away: Meanie asks: How do you relate to your character?
Tammin Sursok: I understand why she does a lot of things. I understand why she gets mad but she does it in extreme ways. I think sometimes she pushes the line a bit too far.

Home and Away: Jodie asks: How was your trip to the snow?
Tammin Sursok: Very, very, very cold. But I had a good time anyway.

Home and Away: i asks: Who picks the clothes you wear on the show?
Tammin Sursok: There's a whole wardrobe department who choose my clothes for me and I try them on when they come in every couple of weeks.

Home and Away: Joey asks: If you could play one of the male characters on Home and Away, who would it be?
Tammin Sursok: Vinnie, probably. Because he's got such a cool character. He's like a real character. Ryan has a lot of fun playing Vinnie.

Home and Away: holdn79 asks: Do you ever visit fansites about yourself?
Tammin Sursok: All the time! A lot of people write in like they're me and it's hard when you do want to say thank you. But I'm going to start my official one soon so I can talk to everyone.

Home and Away: Sara asks: Do you respond to your fan mail?
Tammin Sursok: Every single one! It takes quite a while.

Home and Away: Alexandra asks: What is your favourite storyline so far?
Tammin Sursok: Not my favourite, but the most challenging was the assault stuff.

Home and Away: Nicole asks: Who is your favourite person to work with on the show?
Tammin Sursok: As a guy, Zac, because we get on with each other so well. And Danny, because he's a really good actor. And Susie's my closest friend on the show.

Home and Away: Regan asks: Who is most like their character?
Tammin Sursok: Probably Bec because she's so sweet. Off set and on set she's so nice. She has nothing bad to say about anyone. And probably Ada who plays Leah because she bubbles along all the time!

Home and Away: Jodie asks: What's the biggest lesson you have learnt in the past year while you've been on Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: Just when you're playing a scene, pretend you're connecting with the person through your eyes and pretend you're talking to the person and not at them.

Home and Away: Az asks: Is it hard accepting new cast members into the show?
Tammin Sursok: No it's not. Every single one that's been new has been so nice. And it's been more like an extended family. I've never met anyone bad on the show.

Home and Away: Princess_Bliss asks: Do you get nervous on set?
Tammin Sursok: Sometimes when I have to do crying scenes, because I have to work myself up to it. Otherwise, no. It's just like one big happy family.

Home and Away: Deanne asks: Where is the set of Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: It's in Epping and the beach stuff is in Palm Beach. And the caravan stuff is in Dural.

Home and Away: Az asks: What is it like being recognised in public? Do you enjoy giving autographs or does it get annoying?
Tammin Sursok: Being recognised is a weird experience, because you think it's just yourself. It's nice giving autographs because people care and feel your autograph's important to them. And it's nice knowing they love what you're doing.

Home and Away: Top_Gun asks: Can fans see you on location?
Tammin Sursok: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, if we do film, is when we do the beach stuff. And yes, anyone can come and watch.

Home and Away: Regan asks: Do you catch up with other actors outside of Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: I catch up with Susie and Danny sometimes and other than that, no. You see them all day so you try and catch up with friends you don't often get to see.

Home and Away: Sophie asks: Did you watch the show before you were on it?
Tammin Sursok: I did when I was a bit younger when Shane and Angel were on. Then I got into studying at school so I just didn't watch it anymore.

Home and Away: Seraina asks: What is your favourite colour?
Tammin Sursok: It's yellow.

Home and Away: Stephie asks: When you had to do your first crying scene did you find it hard?
Tammin Sursok: Yes, sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's not. It just happens to me. If I feel it, I cry. If I don't, I have to fake crying.

Home and Away: Laura asks: Do you still go to school?
Tammin Sursok: No, I've finished. But I still have a couple of subjects left to do.

Home and Away: mattyb asks: Who is your favourite actress?
Tammin Sursok: Probably Julia Roberts. She's my favourite. I love her!

Home and Away: Jen asks: Where is your favourite place in Australia?
Tammin Sursok: Sydney! I've been to all the others, but there's nothing like your home.

Home and Away: Lee asks: Is it hard learning your lines?
Tammin Sursok: No, you kind of just fall into a routine. It's pretty easy. It's like a conversation. If someone says, 'Hi, how are you?’, you just answer: 'Fine, thank you.’

Home and Away: chris_egans_girl asks: Where does your name come from?
Tammin Sursok: My mum made it up. She wanted either Tammy or Tamsin. So she combined them and came up with Tammin.

Home and Away: Hailey asks: What is your favourite food?
Tammin Sursok: Thai food. And probably cake.

Home and Away: Jamon asks: Where is Summer Bay?
Tammin Sursok: I guess Summer Bay would be Palm Beach if there was a Summer Bay. :)

Home and Away: Dolphin asks: What is your favourite movie?
Tammin Sursok: Romeo and Juliet – the Baz Luhrmann production.

Home and Away: Jaymi says: You have a great figure! How do you stay in shape?
Tammin Sursok: I'm allergic to wheat and dairy, so because of that I don't put on much weight – so I can't eat bread and stuff but I also try and eat healthily. Plus I'm always moving about on the show, so I guess you burn calories that way.

Home and Away: chris_egans_gal asks: Who do you look up to in life?
Tammin Sursok: Probably my parents. They're the wisest, most beautiful people I've ever met.

Home and Away: Bux asks: Did you want to go to the UK?
Tammin Sursok: I would have liked to have gone to the UK, but it was our holidays and I really needed a break so I could relax. Maybe next time!

Home and Away: i asks: What music do you like?
Tammin Sursok: Anything with a good, funky beat that makes me want to get up and dance.
I love so many types of music, but basically, anything that's fun!

Home and Away: Nikitaelise asks: Do people ever confuse you with your character?
Tammin Sursok: Sometimes a lot of people think that's what I'll be like. But I'm not! I love people saying 'Hi'!

Home and Away: loza asks: Is it different seeing your face on magazines?
Tammin Sursok: Yeah, it's very odd walking into a shop and seeing your face plastered everywhere. But it's very exciting too!

Home and Away: Kim_chick asks: Is it true you're going to be at Dreamworld in November?
Tammin Sursok: Yes I am! I'm looking forward to it!

Home and Away: Glenn17 asks: What was your favourite subject at school?
Tammin Sursok: English, drama and art.

Home and Away: Karen asks: What did you have to do in your audition?
Tammin Sursok: I had to read a script and then I got called back. I then had to read a script with my family (the Sutherlands). It was about eight auditions and one was with Zac as well.

Home and Away: Nicole asks: Do you wear glasses?
Tammin Sursok: Yes, I wear glasses and contacts.

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Where can we write to you, Tammin?
Tammin Sursok: You can write to me at:-
Channel Seven
Mobbs Lane
NSW 2121

Home and Away: Kirra asks: Why does Dani always chuck tantrums?
Tammin Sursok: Because that's her way of saying she doesn't want to do things. Plus it's the way she expresses herself. ;)

Home and Away: Erin asks: At the Logies, you thanked your teacher. Why was that?
Tammin Sursok: We had a game where she gave a lollipop to people who got 98% in exams. I got 89% and she said she'd give me one if I was ever famous and mentioned her in an awards speech. So I did! And I got the lollipop too!

Home and Away: Karen asks: What kind of dancing did you do?
Tammin Sursok: I did modern dancing. Like street, funky stuff.

Home and Away: Chloe asks: Who is your favourite Sutherland?
Tammin Sursok: I don't have a favourite because it's a family. You love each one separately.

Home and Away: Yoem asks: What do you think of your looks?
Tammin Sursok: Not much. :) I don't focus on that at all. I just feel I'm a normal girl!

Home and Away: Danni asks: Do you like doing kissing scenes with Will?
Tammin Sursok: Because we get on so well, it's just fun. We muck up all the time. I guess we have so much fun together it doesn't really matter.

Home and Away: Matthew asks: Have you ever broken anything on the set?
Tammin Sursok: No, but I hit a cactus and fell on it. But I've never broken anything.

Home and Away: Our next question is: Where were you born?
Tammin Sursok: I was born in South Africa. I came to Australia when I was four and I've been back to South Africa many times to see my family.

Tammin Sursok: Thanks for sending in your questions! I'm receiving so many of them and am trying to answer as many of them as I can! Please be patient!

Home and Away: Mystery asks: Do you like shopping?
Tammin Sursok: I love shopping! It's one of my favourite things but I have to start saving! I went on a massive spending frenzy when I first got the job.

Home and Away: Grace asks: Do you have your licence?
Tammin Sursok: Yes! I learnt to drive a year ago. I have a car and have been driving for about a year.

Home and Away: Sarah asks: How long does it take to shoot one episode of Home and Away?
Tammin Sursok: We film one episode a day. So what you see on air for the week took a week to film!

Home and Away: Jack asks: What kind of car do you have?
Tammin Sursok: I've a little VW Polo. Very cute!

Home and Away: Sophie asks: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Tammin Sursok: Probably Italy. I'd love to live in Sorrento. It's beautiful!

Home and Away: Nicole asks: What is your favourite animal?
Tammin Sursok: Dogs! I love doggies!

Home and Away: Melza asks: What colour is your car?
Tammin Sursok: It's dark blue. I'd love to have yellow but it's too 'look at me’!

Home and Away: Erin asks: Was that really you singing on the show?
Tammin Sursok: Yes. But they made me sing to my worst potential. They made me go off tune. I was like, 'why??’ :)

Home and Away: Our next question is: Did you ever have braces?
Tammin Sursok: Yes, I had a metal plate in my mouth for a year to move my teeth, then braces for a year and a half, then another metal plate after that – and I only had one tooth wrong!

Home and Away: Celeste asks: Are Rhys and Shelley like another set of parents to you?
Tammin Sursok: They're like my second family. Definitely! It can be weird having two sets of family because everyone's looking after you.

Home and Away: Cheekychic asks: Have you ever been in hospital?
Tammin Sursok: I was in hospital once. I had grommets put in my ears because I had too much fluid in my eardrums or something. I was about four when this happened.

Home and Away: We have five minutes left with Tammin, and then Mitch Firth will be joining us. Please send through your final questions for Tammin.

Home and Away: Richardpriceuk asks: What's been the strangest piece of fan mail you've ever received?
Tammin Sursok: Hey Richard! Thank you so much for everything you've done for all the publicity you've done! And I'd like you to keep it up if possible! :) The strangest piece of fan mail was from a 40-year-old man who thought I was the love of his life.

Home and Away: Lucy asks: Do you play any instruments?
Tammin Sursok: I used to play the piano and my mum used to be a guitar teacher and singer, so I learnt a bit of guitar from her.

Home and Away: Sara asks: What footy team do you go for?
Tammin Sursok: I like watching the Wallabies!

Home and Away: We've got time for one more question ... So make it a good one!!

Home and Away: Zephyr has the final question: Who is the coolest person you have ever met?
Tammin Sursok: John Travolta! It was at the Swordfish premiere.

Home and Away: That's all we've got time for from Tammin.
Tammin Sursok: Thanks so much for loving my character. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys. I love my fans! Sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions! See you guys at the next chat