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Miss Tammin


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Leave me alone!

Will Home and Away's Dani be forced to relive the nightmare of her assault?

A month has passed since Summer Bay sweetheart Dani Sutherland was brutally assaulted by Kane Phillips, but the memory of the incident remains fresh in her mind. Just when Dani[Tammin Sursok] thought the ordeal couldn't possibly get any worse, Kane[Sam Atwell] turns up and chooses a quiet moment to make a serious threat.
"Kane has been charged by the police and is awaiting trial, and of course he doesn't want Dani to testify", Tammin says. "He waits for a moment when she's on her own and then makes a move. He threatens Dani and says that she'll regret testifying against him".
Dani also encounters hostility in the schoolyard at Summerbay High." People around her have different reactions to what happened-some are supportive and some are not", Tammin says." It's a really rough time for Dani. and she doesn't need that lack of support on top of everything else".

Dani's attacker faces court in H&A,but will he be found guilty?

A frightened young girl sits in the witness stand, trying to keep her emotions together as the man who brutally attacked her sits just a few metres away. This is the scenario facing Dani Sutherland [Tammin Sursok] this week in Home and Away. However, the case against Kane Phillips [Sam Atwell] isn't exactly cut and dried.
"Dani isn't confident that the judge will rule in her favour, because she flirted with Kane before the assault", Tammin explains." It's a question of whether or not she led him on. "Dani knows that Kane did the wrong thing, but she doesn't know if she can prove it".
To make matters worse, Dani confesses to her boyfriend Will [Zac Drayson] in the moments leading up to the trail that she willingly kissed Kane before the attack. When Will is called to appear in court, they realise his evidence will be damning. " Dani knows that Will has to tell the truth, and that's what he does", Tammin reveals. " It doesn't look good for Dani when it comes out that she was flirting with Kane. And of course, that's what Kane says, too".
" Brodie Hanson [Susie Rugg] is also called to give evidence", Tammin continues." Even though she's behind Dani, it manages to come out looking bad". Thankfully, Dani has the support of Will and her friends and family throughout the ordeal.
"Will is standing by her, despite what happened", Tammin says. " Everyone is supportive, but that still doesn't take away the pain." Dani goes through these mood swings. One minute she doesn't want to deal with it-the next, she's angry and wants Kane to go to jail. She's all over the place". Filming the scenes was also a harrowing experience.
"I've never been in a courtroom, but it felt like it was happening for real", Tammin says. "When I sat in the box and everyone looked at me, I definitely got a feel for what it would be like".