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Miss Tammin


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Friends 'n' Rivals

There's no love lost between Dani and Gypsy in Home and Away, and Tammin Sursok and Kimberley Cooper love every minute of it!

Put Summer Bay's Gypsy Nash and Dani Sutherland together in a room, and the chances are that hair-pulling, face-slapping and verbal sparring would follow. But what happens when you do the same to the actors who portray them-Kimberley Cooper [Gypsy] and Tammin Sursok [Dani]? As TV Week discovered, neither girl walked away with physical injuries...but that's not to say our shoot was a quiet affair! "Kim is definitely a party girl, and I suppose I am too", says 17-year-old Tammin [far left,with Kimberley].
"We get along extremely well, but we also love that our characters fight and argue. It would be really boring if they were friends". Kimberley, who considers her character to be the "the resident bitch of Home and Away", agrees that it's fun to finally have a worthy sparring partner.
"I love Tammin to death, but it's great that Dani and Gypsy are enemies", the 21-year-old says. " We get all the best lines". Dani and Gypsy have been at each other's throats since the Sutherland family moved in to Summer Bay last year. As usual, it's a male who is the cause of their angst! Dani is in a relationship with Gypsy's handsome ex-boyfriend Will Smith [Zac Drayson], and Gypsy's resentment towards Dani is not helped by the fact that she is secretly carrying Will's child! " Gypsy is very envious", Kimberley says. "Dani and Will are really happy together, while Gypsy's pregnant and staring down the barrel of an unhappy future.
"But even if Will wasn't an issue, I don't think she and Dani would be friends. They have the same nature-they constantly tell people what they think and are always looking out for themselves!"
"Gypsy is a tough kind of chick, and so is Dani", Tammin believes. "Their personalities will always clash because they are so similar". In episodes screening this week, Dani heads to court for the trail over her recent sexual assault. But as Tammin explains, Gypsy is never far from her thoughts. "Dani is preoccupied with the trail at the moment, but once it's over I'm sure she'll go straight back to worrying about Gypsy", she says. "Although Dani and Will are in a stable relationship, it doesn't change the fact that Will was once attracted to Gypsy". And Dani knows that if it happened once before, it could happen again! "Every time Gypsy comes into her house, Dani has an issue with her", Tammin says. "Of course, at the moment Dani and Will have no idea that Gypsy's baby is his, so you can imagine what kind of problems that will cause if the news comes out".

Kimberley doesn't know how the storyline will ultimately unfold-she has enough trouble dealing with the baby padding she has to wear on the set as she plays the pregnant Gypsy!-but she knows what she would like to happen."It would be nice if Will and Dani found out about the baby but stayed together", she says. "That way, Gypsy and her child will always be around, a bit like an ex-wife. "I don't know if I'd want Will and Gypsy to get back together, because I think the viewers want him to stay with Dani". In any case, both girls can expect plenty of fireworks in the future... and that means more on-set sparring!
"I love our fighting scenes, because Kim and I really bounce off each other", Tammin says. " When another character is shouting at you, you really want to go with it". Kimberley agrees that the scenes are fun, except for the one occasion.
"Apparently, I once made Tammin cry", she cofesses. "It wasn't intentional. of course!" Behind the scenes, the pair have become great mates. That's nto surprising when you consider their parallel journey to fame, which includes winning a TV Week Logie as Most Popular New Talent. "Kim has really taken me under her wing", Tammin says. "It's always been like that".
"I rememeber going in for my first makeup trial, and Kim was sitting next to me and saying something really funny. She invited me to her 20th birthday party soon after, even though we hardly knew each other. She was extroverted and fun". " I remember that day", adds Kimberley with a devilish smile. " Tammin was very nervous, so I decided to take full advantage of the nicest possible way!"
When they're not trading insults on the set, Tammin and Kimberley can be found working the celebrity party circuit. Tammin is too young to have honed the same red-carpet skills as Kimberley, but she admires the way her pal makes contacts in the industry. " We're been to film premieres together, and that's been a lot of fun", Tammin says. "Kim really does that kind of thing right".
"She stands on her own two feet, is really good at meeting people and deals with evereything. I definitely look up to her in that way". That's not to say she's perfect, mind you!
"One thing I have to say about Kim is that you never know what's coming around the next corner", Tammin adds. "Never!"