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Miss Tammin


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Close Up

And private...

What's in your fridge at home?
Soy milk-because my mum and I are lactose intolerant. A lot of soy. Our kitchen has a lot of cerel. I'm really into com things at the moment. A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. We're very healthy and very clean at our house!

What would be the first thing you'd grab from your house if it was burning down?
I have this toy dog I've slept with since I was two years old and my arm is permanently moulded into it's shape! It's name is Candy and it's a pink dog that I bought when I was two-years-old.

What colour is your toothbrush?

Of all the people who know you, who do you think knows you best?
My mum and dad.

What's the most-dialled number on your mobile?
Umm, at the moment I probably call my mum all the time. So, my mum's mobile.

What do you order at McDonald's?
Chicken Nuggets with sweet and sour sauce.

What did you get for your last birthday?
I got my room decorated. I'm very into the whole Asian theme.I've got scrolls and one of those waterfall things and the stones and cactuses. It's very relaxing.

What can't you leave home without?
[giggles] Probably my mobile!

What's the worst thing you have ever done for a dare?
We used to play Truth or Dare all the time! Probably... I don't know. I can't remember I'm not a very daring person! I just remember that once we all ran up the street in bra and undies for a dare. [starts to laugh] It was dark! It was someone else's street and we were having a girl's night. It aws dark and she lived near the bush,no no-one saw us! It was me and a couple of others.

What's the most scared you're ever been?
When I was in the cyclone in Noumea. We were in the tip of the cyclone but we were under our beds. We were on holidays there so we were there an extra week-and-a-half. No planes could fly out. That was when I was in Year Five.

What's been your greatest holiday?
Europe, last year. I went with my mum and dad. My brother had to stay at home because he had exams. We went to France and then we went to Italy. Venice was my most incredible place. It was summer and it was just beautiful. I bought a lot of things-glass and leather and a lot of jewellery. We shopped until we drooped! The French food was more like what I'm used to, like salads and coffees but the Italian food was pretty heavy. It's a holiday I'll always remember. I'm trying to save up now with my best friend to go at the end of this year!

What's your earliest memory?
When I was about three years old and my mum was taking a photo. Me and my dad were smiling and I thought, "I'm going to make this photo stand out." I remember getting a water flask while the photo was being taken. The photo is just of me throwing water at my dad and my dad just screaming. I remember the actual thought that went through my mind. It was taken in South Africa where I was born.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
I fell down the stairs when I was in Year Seven! Like, from the top of the stairs in the shopping centre to, like, the bottom. It was so embarrassing. I was OK, I was just really embarrassed. I aws with my boyfriend at the time. That was my first boyfriend and I was trying to impress!

Something people don't know about me is...
My mum used to be a famous singer in South Africa. A while ago. She released a record. Every time I say that,people go,"Wow!" I sing also. I have learnt from her. One day, hopefully, I'd love to be able to release something that everyone enjoys. I like something you can sing but has got a beat to it. I'd like to do something that's a cross between, like Macy Gray and Destiny's Child and Jennifer Lopez.

If I won an Oscar, my speech would be...
I'd like to thank, firstly, my mum and dad for doing anything in their possible power to get me where I am and for the people who have supported me the whole way and especially my fans because if I didn't have fans I wouldn't be here right now.

If I could pick any guest star for my character to kiss, I'd choose...
Can I have three?! Brad Pitt, Stephen Dorff and Heath Ledger! I've never met Heath, but we did a Patriot shoot and Zac[Drayson] got to wear Heath's clothes. It was pretty close to him... but not quite!

If I was in trouble, the first person I'd call would be...
My mum and dad.

If I could buy anything at all, I'd pick...
A little romantic villa in Tuscany.[bursts out laughing]

Who's your favourite member of the Backstreet Boys?
[grabs a copy of big hit and points at Nick Carter] That one! Nick!

What are your plans for this year?
To be really dedicated to what I'm doing. To put a lot of effort into it. I want this year to be, like, a learning year. Learn about places, read and just expand my intelligence, because there's a lot of time spent waiting around on set and I'd like to be productive.

How did you spend last your summer holidays?
In Hawaii! Two weeks with my family. It was very exciting. We stayed at Waikiki Beach.

Who's the most famous person you've met?
I met Ernie Dingo once! Just all Channel 7 people, I guess. I haven't really met anyone before that.

Which famous person would you most like to meet?
I'd like to meet someone who's really talented, like a Mel Gibson. Someone who has lasted and isn't a fly-by-night.