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Miss Tammin


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New Love

Can't get you out of my head...

Like many courting couples, the thrill is definitely in the chase for Josh West and Dani Sutherland. The question is, who's chasing who?
Since he arrived in Summer Bay before Christmas, Josh [ Daniel Collopy ] has tried every trick in the book to win Dani [ Tammin Sursok ] over, before giving up and packing his bags. Happily he had a change of heart and surprised Dani by returning to Summer Bay and working as a waiter at the wedding of Will Smith [ Zac Drayson ]and Gypsy Nash [ Kimberley Cooper ].
From that moment on Dani's attitude towards Josh seems to turn full circle. " At the wedding, Dani admits that she would have missed Josh if he had left for good, but she doesn't admit that she likes him ", Daniel reveals. " Josh is left wondering, ' Would she miss me as a friend or something more?"

Dani's shift in attitude pleases Josh but he doesn't go overboard in trying to woo her. Instead they begin an awkward courtship and Dani is often the one who has to make the first move.
" It's obvious they like each other and want to spend time together", Daniel says. " But Josh is at the point where he thinks, ' If it happens, great... but if not, that's OK too'". Most of the residents in Summer Bay are keen to see the couple together except for one member of the Sutherland family. Dani's younger sister Kirsty [ Christie Hayes ] has decided that Josh is actually better suited to her!
" Kirsty would really like a boyfriend. Josh is aware of that because it's a very little-sister reaction to an older sister having a boyfriend", Daniel says. He and Tammin are enjoying the protracted courtship of their characters.
" They are such a good combination", Daniel says. " You can understand why Josh and Dani would be compatible. There is total chemistry. " Tammin and I get along so well in real life, too. That makes it believable".