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Miss Tammin
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The formative years...

At a Glance

Full Name:Tammin Pamela Sursok [ Born as Tammy ]

Date of Birth:19 August 1983

Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa

Height: 168cm

Eyes: Hazel

Hobbies: Other than acting she likes to sing and is learning the guitar and piano from her mum.

Family:MUM:Julie,DAD:Daryl, STEP/SISTER- Michelle and OLDER BROTHER:Shaun 

Pets:2 Dogs-Hunny & Smudge

Likes:Japanese Themes

Food: Chamomile Tea, Chicken Nuggets with sweet and sour sauce.

TV Shows: Home and Away [Dani Sutherland]

Moved from South Africa to Australia at the age of 4.
Before Home and Away she modelled for various teen girl magazines [Dolly and Girlfriend], she also promotes Girlfriend clothing for the K-mart department stores.

Tammin appeared in an anti-alchol tv campaign and has worked really hard to get where she is today having studied drama at school and attending Trinity Speech and Drama College in England where she recieved high marks in her final exams. Tammin is currently doing Year 12 studies by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload. Her favourite subjects are Art, Drama, English and History.

Tammin was a gorgeous little girl who had bunches of curls and was chatty and talkative, she loved people and wanted to be around them all the time. Tammin was a natural performer at the age of 3 as she put on shows for family and friends, also when she was 3 she had her fingers jammed in a car-door, she ended up with a small scar on her forehead which resulted when her mum tried to open the door quickly and it flung out and hit her in the head.

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