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Miss Tammin
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Bonds,new bonds...

When Bonds were looking for a face for their new Lo-Rider underwear range, Tammin Sursok was the obvious choice. The bubbly teen not only has past modelling experience under her low-slung belt but thanks to her gig on the Seven Network's Home and Away she's also one of the most popular young actresses on TV.
But try telling her that. " When I first heard that Bonds wanted me to model their new range I just didn't know why they chose me", says a modest Tammin as she gears up to don the first set of graffic-covered underwear.
" They said they were looking for a clean-cut, fresh image so I'm very lucky they chose me". As she takes off her robe to unveil the first outfit of the day, we can see why they couldn't go past the young actress. With only minimal time spent in hair and make-up, Tammin's picture-perfect face lights up as she smiles for the camera.
Still it can't be easy to look this good, can it? " I've always been a healthy person", says Tammin. " I like to run, it's a great way to clear your head. And as for diet after having some allergy tests done about three years ago, I found out I am allergic to wheat. Cutting out wheat products- bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits- makes it a lot easier to eat more healthly".
But she's not only beautiful- it seems she's pretty darn charitable too. As photographer Simon Lekias asks Tammin to strike another pose, the Bonds publicist sides up to tell me she has donated part of her fee to the Kids Help Line, of which Tammin is an extremely vocal supporter. Later on the actress explains why. " It's really important for kids to have someone to talk to- especially with what's going on in the world right now. I like to support children's charities whenever I can and the Kid's Help Line is a very worthy charity. The counsellors do a fantastic job and every donation large or small will help them answer more calls and help more children in need".

Tammin has her own counsellors on hand to get her through the days her mum and dad, Julie and Daryl came along to support their famous daughter. The South African born actress still lives at home with her parents, who are heavily involoved in her career. " My parents are really supportive", says Tammin. " They've taught me to do things the right way. They've guided my path but now that I'm 18 they're having to let me fly".
As Tammin changes into yet another set of underwear, mum Julie explains the family policy, she may be mobbed on the red carpet but at home she's treated exactly the same way she always has been". She's still got dog duty, she's still got to do the washing up", grins Julie.
And while she has been introduced to the celebrity world, with invitations for lauches, premieres and lunches flooding her way, Tammin has made sure to keep her feet firmly on the ground." I make sure to keep time for my girlfriends. I've got three or four really close girlfriends who will be there to the death. Obviously I meet people through the show who I've become close to as well. It's hard to separate your private time, but I try to do it as much as possible- you have to, you need to have balance".
But she also keeps some time for her [ un-named ] boyfriend. " I've been dating him for six and a half months", she confesses. " He's in the industry but he's not an actor- which I think helps. But then again, being in the television industry means he does appreciate the pressures I'm under and he appreciates our time together".
As yet another shot is set up, I ask Tammin which she would rather be doing modelling or acting. " They're such different things", she says. " I've wanted to act since I was five year's old but having said that I love modelling too. This shoot today is so much fun as well as being extremely professional. Being surrounded by such a fantastic, talented group of people like this is great and I love doing it, but acting is still my passion".
And with that she turns her attention back to the job at hand.

How low can you go? Bonds have just introduced Lo-Rider, the next notch down from their Hipster undies range. Now you can wear the lowest of low-cut jeans, teamed with the best in Bonds cotton undies. A fave of soap poppet Tammin Sursok, the range includes hipster briefs, triangle bras, singlets, teenie G-strings and boyleg briefs. Prices start from $7.95 at major stores.

Home and Away's Tammin Sursok has shed her clothes to join supermodel Sarah O'Hare as the new Bonds girl.
No stranger to the modelling professional [ it's how she got her break in showbiz ] Tammin's been chosen as the face and body for the new Bonds Lo Rider underwear range.
" The designs are so funky you won't want to cover them up", grins Tammin.
Tammin also donated part of her modelling fee to one of her favourite charities, Kids Help Line. " It's really important for kids to have someone to talk to and the counsellors at Kids Help Line do a fantastic job", she says." Every donation will help".